Suffolk Breed Points

Hornless: Face black and long ; Muzzle moderately fine in Ewes. (A Small quantity of clean white wool on the forehead not objected to.) Ears a medium length, black and fine texture. Eyes, bright and full.


Moderate length and well set. In Rams stronger, with a good crest.


Broad and oblique.


Preferably it should be deep and wide.


Back and Loin
The back and loin should be long, level and well covered with meat and muscle; Tail well set up, the Ribs long, and well sprung, with a full flank.


Legs and Feet
Should be straight and black, with flat bones of good quality, wooled to the knees and hocks, clean below. Forelegs set well apart. Hind legs well filled with meat.


The belly should be well covered with wool.


A Suffolk’s fleece should be moderatley short; close fine fibre without tendency to mat or felt together and well defined, ie. not shading off into dark wool or hair.


A Suffolk’s skin should be fine, soft and pink in colour.